We are proud to present one of the most comprehensive Math Education Suite of Apps. It consists of Grade specific apps that cover all the core concepts as well as cover different styles of questions.

Math Test Prep – 4th Grade is now listed in “Popular Kindle Tablet Edition Apps and Games” on Amazon Appstore page! 

Math Prep – Grade 1
Math Prep – Grade 2
Math Test Prep – Grade 3
Math Test Prep – Grade 4

It is designed for the student and family looking for an advantage in building solid foundation of math skills:

  • Study anywhere and learn at your own pace
  • A panel of experienced teachers have chosen appropriate questions suitable for 3rd grade level
  • Review and Practice questions related to each topic
  • The student is encouraged to continue as he/she earns badges
  • Great for classrooms or at home
  • Take quizzes multiple times
  • Customize quizzes to focus on specific topics
  • Track student progress
  • Email Quiz Results to Teachers/Coaches
  • 3 modes of increasing challenge to keep the app interesting